Chapter VII -  Frank's family challenges within the state of Maryland, a time tested judicial system.

Within the United States, 50 percent of marriages unfortunately end in divorce.  For the families in which one of the partners suffers from the devastating results of MS, the statistics of divorce is way over 85 percent. 

When you see your life partner physical and mental being gradually transform such a manifestation could definitely result in domestic challenges for both MS afflicted his or her partner as well as the children.

     Frank's birthday in 2009 where Nesreen decided not to attend for the first time and it was the beginning of an end.

Agreement For Peace


We, Nesreen Afifi (a/k/a Nancy Afifi) and F. Frank Fouladi do hereby mutually and covenant as follows:


THAT, each shall not commit and physical or verbal abuse against each other,


THAT, they will separate and apart to the greatest extent as possible at 4 Virginia Drive in Gaithersburg, Maryland,


THAT, the children Mohamad and Nour shall remain living at 4 Virginia Drive until this agreement is mutually modified by the parties here to,


THAT, Nesreen Afifi shall reside (in the lower level, walk out directly to the back yard) “Basement” and have no visits or contact with the upstairs level;


THAT, Nesreen shall be entitled to 75% and Frank to 25% of the monthly “Food Stamp” allowance from Maryland Department of Human Services;


THAT, Mohamad and Nour shall reside in the lower level “basement” and Nesreen agrees to not interfere with Frank’s conduct of any home business including

but not limited to tenant rentals and child care for others;


THAT, Mohamad and Nour will remained enrolled in the Muslim Community School,


THAT, the parties here to agree to peacefully co-exist, not to involve Mohamad and Nour in their domestic issues or problems, and that neither will interfere with

the others interaction with the children Mohamad and Nour


THAT, Nesreen may have the access upstairs level to obtain her personal possessions thru September 02, 2009 which shall include the means of ingress and egress

to the dwelling until basement walkout is fixed in a safe manners.


Each party acknowledges they have had an opportunity to review this Agreement, understand it and consent to it.


IN WITNESS WHEROF, we have affixed our signatures herein below.


Nesreen Afifi, Name and Signature,                              Date 7-30-2009          


F. Frank Fouladi, Name and Signature,             Date 7-30-2009


Witnesses: Mr. Steven Himelfarb, Frank’s Attorney/Old Friend & Court’s Abused Persons Program Representative. Place: 27 Courthouse Square, Rockville Maryland,

out of court settlement, as Frank

requested for the court’s protection. Let there be PEACE.      

April 2011, family case FL80091.  Absolute divorce was granted as per request of Nesreen.  Frank's final statement before the divorce

judgement was granted in Rockville, Maryland Circuit Court.  If Nesreen decided not to pursue divorce, "Frank" would welcome her back with open arms.

Feel free to request an audio recording of the entire session for a nominal fee from the circuit court and Frank chose to speak in Farsi with

translation in English by the court appointed translater).

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