Chapter I -  My Roots.

Pictured on the left is my great great grandfather, who moved from Gazvin, north of Iran to Tehran in the early twenties.   His head cover resembles the people who are living in Oman in the Persian Gulf.  "Kola Shekari" 

The second picture is before my birth, my mom, then Lieutenant Mahmoud Enshaien, and his wife whose my aunt.  Lt. Enshaien was an Iranian patriot whom received his PHD in military sciences and was trained by American and British military.  He later was promoted to the rank of Colonel serving in the infantry before the Iranian revolution.  Uncle Mahmoud introduced a good military culture is to Frank and once arranged Frank to travel on a C-130 cargo airplane from Tehran to Shiraz right next to a tank.

The third picture depicts my mother, my father, uncle Mahmoud, uncle Ali, and I (1958, Tehran in Iran). 

Pictured on far right,  Frank with Satar, a famous Iranian singer in a Tehran nightclub(before the Iranian revolution, nightclubs were legal).  Satar presently is a well known Iranian singer currently
performing in Los Angelos, California.

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