Chapter IX -  Home Depot  Inc.  An American corporation with 8 unique core values. 

Frank's Introductory Statement on Youtube - Peaceseekers110

Pictured on the far right is Frank with two corporate staff members of The Home Depot that Frank had the honor of meeting, Vinny Scalese and Bobby DiAugustino.

Click here to listen to a audio voice mail message(8-9-11 at roughly 4PM) of Home Depot management regarding a request for help to get a new wheelchair to get back to work.  Is this the end of the beginning or a new start?

Chronicle of Events

November 26th, 2011
On November 26th Frank recieved a letter postmarked on November 14th, 2011 from Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Frank enthusiastically called Atlanta and The Home Depot Gaithersburg, Maryland location to express his happiness about the possibility of renewing his active association with the company.  Needless to say, when, Dean, the telephone operator and old colleague of Frank's answered the phone he stated "it was another reason to be jolly".  Frank and AJ the manager of the Gaithersburg location are to coming Monday, November 28th 2011.

December 1st, 2011

AJ, the store manager of the Gaithersburg Home Depot location did not return Frank's call.  Frank as requested by Sara of Home Depot Atlanta corporate Headquarters to call human resources and extend his leave of absence.  When Frank called human resources, a manager informed Frank that his association was terminated because he did not contact the Home Depot prior to the November 29th deadline.  Frank objected to this notion, his call was then transferred to Sara and she surprisingly told Frank that his association was terminated. 

Home Depot's problem(on a local level with the Gaithersburg store and a corporate level with Atlanta) when it comes to disability issues and employment needs to be reexamined fully by the Department of Labor authorities.  So on December 2nd, Frank is planning to contact Department of Labor and launch an investigation into Frank's experiences going from ability to disability as well as the retaliation he received for doing the right thing "one of the Home Depot's core values that was implemented by the founder, the honorable Bernie Marcus."  Frank does not wish to pursue this issue within the judicial system.  It is the right thing to be addressed openly and efficiently so another associate would not befall the same circumstance upon the onset of progressive disabilities.

Needless to say, as Frank mentioned to Sara, he would love to go back to The Home Depot as an operations manager to learn how the operations work with a "shadow".  If he succeeded in becoming an operations manager he would be interested in overseeing potential business venture for the Home Depot Corporation in the prospective Opportunity Villages. 

December 2, 2011

Sara from Home Depot's Atlanta offices called and said if I obtained a letter from my physician that I am able to re-establish my active re-association and what capacity considering my college education, 11 years of experience working for the company, and disabilities.  Frank needs to find a way of looking for a "shadow" so when The Home Depot offers him a job as a manager he would have some assistance to overcome any physical limitation.  One thing Frank would offer is a 110 percent commitment to safety and profitability for the customer, stockholders, the company, vendors, and the associates.  Frank made an appointment with Dr. Chablani on December 5th, so the doctor could give an approval for Frank to resume working. 

Upon returning back to work at the Home Depot, Frank is planning to resign as the president of Procurement USA and actively look for a qualified president and remain as a chairman of the board and a major stockholder in the company.

December 16, 2011

Sent: 12/14/2011 2:47:13 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Frank's Fax for further medical verifications paper works
Hi Sara:
Please feel free to send a fax to my home in "exile", Home of Hebrew, Revitz House in my attention.
Their fax number is: 301-770-..... If you need to contact them to make sure the have my fax, you could contact Jane, the office manager, by calling her 301-770-.....
I was forced out of our ADA home after the divorce. I was very appreciative that I was welcomed in the Jewish community in a one bedroom ADA apartment and we share our similarities and celebrate our differences in peace. Best regards.
Sincerely and Peacefully,
F. Frank Fouladi
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