Chapter VIII - September 14, 2001.  Procurement USA Inc, turning a challenge into an opportunity.

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam"

A Chronicle of Events

December 12th of 2011 
US Troops Leave Iraq with Job Concerns | USA | English

November 19th of 2011
A letter to President Obama
Dear Commander In Chief President Obama

November 17th 2011
A letter to Iraq and Aghanistan Veterans Association.
Dear Friend:
After 10 years
, finally I secured financing to develop: the Patriotic project the "Opportunity Villages" in Iraq as detailed in

I wish to offer the opportunity to our veterans to go back and helping the people of Iraq and ... to reconstruct their liberated nations, the American Way and be able export our goods and services, preferably from the Port of Baltimore in Maryland so we could reduce unemployment and create a win-win situation.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Land of Free because of the Brave. Best regards

Sincerely and Peacefully,


ps FYI General Stone called my project:"A noble Cause" when I met him in an event by 

November 8th of 2011
Baltimore, MD; My old friend & expert in energy efficient exterior lighting and signage designs, Mr Jeffrey Fidler whom now resides in Detroit. Michigan, introduced the project to a prospective Maryland based signage and lighting manufacturer.  "A business without a sign is a sign of no business."  Efficient signage and lighting could glamorize the Opportunity Villages project and help it acquire the attention it needs, "the shining city on the hill."  The signs utilized for the villages would be multilingual for diversity.  The project is still open to proposals and offers by other Maryland based signage and lighting firms.

October 2011
Kevin of AECOM contacted us and displayed an interest in the Opportunity Villages and mentioned the project was referred to their offices in Turkey.

October 18th of 2011
Gaithersburg, MD; Frank met Kevin a representative of AECOM on a prearranged appointment and asked him, how about assisting me manifesting "The Opportunity Villages" first in Iraq and later in Afghanistan, and then other places as we have listed in the followings.  Kevin expressed genuine interest and told Frank and his entourage that Opportunity Villages are great ideas and he was going to connect his people to explore possibility of supporting the project as is described in followings.  AECOM is a consultant in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center complex at Ground Zero in New York City.  

October 15th of 2011
Frank requested in an email to the honorable David Petraeus, the director of the CIA, to assist him in expediting the prospective and patriotic Opportunity Villages in Karbala, Iraq before our troops exit the area before the end of 2011.  "Time is of the essence".                    

"Money Trumps Peace". 

We are a For-Fair-Profit business adhering to US and international laws and never trade in guns and/or bombs.

We are ethical and avoid Financial Moral Hazards.

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